FreeTone Free Calls & Texting Apk Download

Unlimited messaging requests all US and Canadian numbers. New toll free number.

There are no tests, no hidden fees, and it’s completely free.


-Get your phone number and voicemail

-100 U.S., Canada 100% free -T-No credit

-Enjoy free text messaging (SMS), instant messaging (MMS)

The program is free

Raja Liker App 

The best SMS phones can be used as SMS applications, FreeTone provides the best online phones. Unlike other free software, you don’t need to pay or pay for credit.


All you have to do is to dial a US or Canadian number, and then dial a toll-free number: mobile.


The new apps is free and easy to use for boys


-Your free Android number

-Free calls to all U.S. and Canada numbers

-Free numbering text (SMS)


-Easy registration via email. Email, Facebook or Google

-Easy access to all your devices

-Easy group messaging, free high-definition mobile phones, video chat


-Free MIRTER app for unlimited phones

-Better sing and run in VOA works

-Free news in 40 countries/regions


Share your favorite moments with friends

Send Android phone or tablet Receive MMS, photos and videos on any device. Ask your FreeTone friends to play the video for free.

Easily send messages, text messages, and share photos and videos with your contacts.

Use groups to easily share messages, photos, and videos with your friends.


Free login Free login

Unlike similar plans, you use or use the same plan, and you can call US or Canadian numbers without paying any fees or obtaining credit. See its small shape.


FreeTone does not pay for calls from the United States and Canada. Lightning Free SMS Lightning Free.


I am afraid

Enter your phone number and new answering number


-Send free text messages և MMS

-Share photos, tags and group items with everyone

-Free texts from 40 countries including Mexico, Dominica and Brazil


-Enjoy free Wi-Fi mobile phone, use the tablet as a mobile phone


-Dial international numbers and send SMS

-Ask your friends to play more high-definition videos.

I hope when i to see you agains soon.

Restricted work

-Free calls from the U.S. and Canada via FreeTone

Free apps don’t work in Hawaii, Alaska, and other regions

-Free Latin American news with round-trip/exit points

-You can call your number for free for the first 500 minutes;

you can answer your FreeTone number for a small fee.

-Free messages are only sent to individuals in the United States and Canada.


-We do not agree with 911-FreeTone settings


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