Text Free: Call Text Now for Free APK for Android

Phone number application without text  Textfree is currently the second phone number app for free messaging and calling programs. Even if it’s not an app, it gives you free text and a real U.S.

phone number to send text to anyone. You can now send free SMS, group messages, MMS picture messages, international calls and calls, voice messages and much more like free SMS.


Unlike Text Me, Text Now, Text Plus or other applications, you can select your local code with TextFree and search for memorable phone numbers such as (555) 414-Sarah, “Simple Lines Like” (555) 500-2525) . Or the “JUST4U” combination.

Unlimited messages and photo text  Unlimited SMS and MMS now send free text messages.

Free call


Incoming calls and calls in the app are always free. Call minutes are very easy to find or find. Hello! Because calls are now allowed in Mexico.Unlimited minutes


Enjoy unlimited minutes for calls, ads, job numbers and more with Textfree Plus. Fillon Fillon II


If you really have a second line, you can call your grandfather’s landline, order a pizza, and send everyone off with a cell phone. This means that free MMS and SMS messages work with all your friends.Privacy added


Protect your privacy with text, Craig information, online forms and more.

Group discussion


TextFree is ideal for group text and free MMS with all your friends. You can create groups, leave groups, add participants and add them all to the conversation via real SMS (or free MMS).


Kill every device on the device


No more in the hands of your mobile SMS provider? Don’t need another phone number? No problem. Free text on all these devices.


While TextFree is the first free SMS app and the best phone number app, I don’t agree with apps like Text Plus, TextMe, TalkTone and TextNao.

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