Smart Photo Cut-Profile Cover Crop For Facebook Apk Download

Smart Photo Editor is an application never seen before in a game store.


** Added new feature –

Instagram profile field  Instagram և Create a unique beautiful profile picture for WhatsApp.


How to use: Select a flat round frame և Select the round picture you want to place in the frame. Save instagram Create your profile on Instagram or WhatsApp.


** Added new feature –

Recommended stories for InstagramMake sure the installation profile is registered.

How to use:

Follow thousands of notes and thousands of stories in the category of favorite events. Move them to the historical story.



Facebook profile, cover makerF acebook profile Facebook Facebook profile You can create a Facebook profile picture with area coverage.

How to use:

Select a photo in the gallery, edit it, save it to your Facebook profile as you wish You will get two photos on the title page: one profile photo, another cover photo, upload it in Facebook. Check out the magic of the profile.


Fancy Grid for Instagram.This feature allows you to configure a network of insta profiles using 3D frames.

How to use:

Just select the photo frame and cut the “Save” button. You can upload photos from the clipboard without having to open Instagram  Download photos from the phone gallery. You can share photos directly with the Smart Photo Crop app on Instagram.

Mosaic photo effect (unlimited collage makers)

With this application you can create beautiful mosaic images, add more images to the mosaic, create background images and create transparency.


If you want to easily create your own mosaic (collage) և quickly select images in the gallery, you can customize the interior mosaic.Unlimited notes Here you can add photos until your design is full of photos.


Creative square image.You can take square photos as a profile and send them to different social networks, send them in different background colors, blur effects.

Social profile integration (lawyer Muayad Dolly)

You can take a quiz photo with Dolly Parto using different frames and share it with your friends.


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